Where does the water go?

Our product works with nearly all common rooftop rain gutter systems for carrying water to a down spout. We can even work out ways to include gutters into mid-span if that is desired for some kind of aesthetic feature. Prior clients have even used their Solar RainFrame™ system to capture and store rainwater in holding tanks as an alternative to using well water that was of low quality.

Can we add gutters?

Yes, our product works with most common off the shelf 6-inch or larger gutter systems as well as downspouts, custom gutter systems may be used as well with some limitations. Ask us for more information.

Can this be used to capture rainwater for net-zero design?

Absolutely! Solar RainFrame™ is an ideal system to capture and store rainwater to meet net-zero water building design goals.

Can we use this in place of a regular structure?

Yes, several of our previous clients have used their Solar RainFrame™ system as a substitute for structures that they needed, enabling them to gain the benefit of solar in addition to the entire structure becoming investment tax credit eligible.

What kind of solar panels does it work with?

Our product works with nearly every aluminum framed solar panel on the market. If it has an interior bottom flange, then our hardware is fully compatible. (See image of bottom flange.)

Is there a minimum tilt angle needed?

Our recommended minimum tilt angle is 10 degrees to ensure that water can properly flow off the array as intended.

How does this interact with the solar investment tax credit?

We can not provide you a definitive answer as we are not licensed tax professionals. However, previous clients have been able to lawfully claim the entire structure under the investment tax credit as it was required to support the Solar RainFrame™ hardware.

Are there size limits to what could be built using the Solar RainFrame™ system?

About the smallest practical size is 9 solar panels, for large projects the sky is the limit. Naturally, there are significant economy of scale benefits.