No need to rely on seals, gaskets, tape, or caulking.

Solar RainFrame™ Panel Clamps

An elegantly simple solution to a complex design geometry problem, the Solar RainFrame™ panel clamp securely fastens industry standard metal framed solar panels to the racking rail without putting holes in any of the all metal water channels so you can be assured that the product will remain water-tight for decades. Being designed specifically for the purpose of structures like solar carports, solar awnings, solar pergolas, or any elevated solar structure we designed the panel clamp to be installed from underneath the solar array. Your crew could conceivably install the entire system without ever needing to unhook from a lift. As one also might expect from high quality solar racking hardware the Solar RainFrame™ panel clamp provides automatic bonding/grounding of the solar panels to the racking rails on proper installation of the device, placing the product squarely in the realm of quick mount PV.

Solar RainFrame™ Rail

Inspired by the venerable I-Beam, the Solar RainFrame™ rail takes the water channeling capability, solar panel racking needs, and the strength needed to span long distances in a simple to use profile that even a crew not familiar with solar could be trained to use in a few minutes. To top it all off, when the optional view guards are installed the sides of the Solar RainFrame™ rail turn into an integrated wire channel which both protects the wiring from the elements, and also prevents nesting. With the strength to span up to twenty feet with a five-foot cantilever on each end the Solar RainFrame™ rail can also be quickly spliced together to handle nearly any size array.

Solar RainFrame™ Rain Pan

The greatest design is that which is simple, and the key to the Solar RainFrame™ system is just that in every sense of the word. Simply a tray made to specific dimensions the rain pan sits underneath the gaps between solar panels perpendicular to the Solar RainFrame™ rails, catching any water that would fall between. Just by itself, with conventional top down mounted solar racking hardware such a device would never work. But with the unique attachment method between the rail, panel clamp, and rain pan and all the benefits provided we think you would agree when we say this is one of the most innovative solar systems on the market.

Solar RainFrame™ View Guard

An optional addition to the Solar RainFrame™ system, the view guard uses the shape of the main rail to create spacious wire channels that hide solar array wiring in places where the structure needs to make as much an aesthetic impact as it does provide environmental and financial benefit, or even just protection from critters. With the view guards installed most people, having never seen the back of a solar panel, may never even notice that there’s a solar array above their head. Though we would suggest making it clear to everyone what they are standing under, our own surveys showed that more than half of people with an electric vehicle said they would go as far as changing their plans to park underneath a solar array that could also provide shelter from the elements!