From the first prototype installed for SeQuential Biofuels in 2010 through the various pilot projects we have built in order to further refine and beta test our own designs, Solar RainFrame™ has been focused on creating the best product for the elevated solar structure and BIPV industry sector.

The genesis of a dream when a question of “what if” was explored, we sought to make a product that worked with nearly every common solar panel on the market, not just relegated to niche products; or having to rely on complicated designs with a lot of small parts to assemble. Our mission was to be the best by keeping it simple.

We’ve seen great potential in the simplicity, robustness, and ease of use with the product. Solar RainFrame™ is quite simply the best when it comes to providing integrated water management in an elevated solar structure. We’re ready to help you make those projects reality.

Vince McClellan

Company Founder / President / Solar RainFrame™ Inventor

Vince McClellan has spent his life learning and perfecting his skills as a solar electric designer and installer. It was just another small step to take his talents into creating lasting, easy to install solar products.

He is one of a small group of people that helped to raise the bar on quality solar design and construction. With 38 years of experience specifically in photovoltaics, Vince McClellan is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in solar electric design and construction in the Northwest. He started his training in electrical and began installing systems in 1982 in the Hawaiian Islands. Since then, he has installed hundreds of solar electric systems in the Hawaiian Islands, California, and Oregon.

As an employer and instructor, he has trained hundreds of solar professionals. He also taught as an instructor at Lane Community College in the Renewable Energy Associate of Applied Science Program and has taught numerous workshops and classes throughout his career.

“Many years ago, I made a choice to put my talent and passion into what I loved to do instead of what made the most money. Life is too precious to spend even one day doing something that you don’t love and believe in.”

Matthew Robertson


Matthew spent nearly the first decade of his working career in manufacturing and machining at every level of the business. Matthew has even had experience with cutting edge scientific equipment using uncommon and highly challenging techniques. His experience has given him a high degree of familiarity with manufacturing processes which he uses to streamline the Solar RainFrame™ product to be fully scalable. He transitioned to a career in the energy industry providing technical risk assessment on utility scale energy projects for a large solar investment fund, and later moving on to performing investment due diligence for an international investment firm. Using the skills he’s acquired, Matthew handles the daily operations of Solar RainFrame™.